Utrecht, The Netherlands

Born Sydney, Australia




2013-2015             BFA (Honours 1st Class, University Medal) Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney

2011-2012             BFA; College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales,

2010                      BID First Year; University of New South Wales, Sydney


2016                      A Chain Of Events group show, Studio 20/17, Sydney Australia

                              Gaffa Gallery, Gaffa 10 Year Show, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney Australia

                              Gaffa Gallery, Testing Ground Group Show, Sydney Australia 
                              Gaffa Gallery, Inhabiting Place, Inhabiting Space Group Show, Sydney Australia 

2015                      Articulate Project Space, FERAL Group Show, Sydney Australia

                                Gaffa Gallery, TO CROSS / TO TRAVERSE: 橫穿, Sydney, Australia

                              Archive Space, Valuable Remains Group Show, Sydney Australia               

                                Sydney College of the Arts, Micro/Macro Group Show, Sydney Australia     

                              The Depot Gallery, Graduate Metal XIV, Sydney Australia                           

                              Airspace 2 Projects, JMGA-NSW Profile 2015, Sydney Australia                  

                                Gaffa Gallery, Where do we start and Where do we end?, Sydney Australia

                              Sydney College of the Arts, Honours Degree Show


2014                      Gaffa Gallery, Chrysalis Group Show, Sydney, Australia

                              The Contemporary Jewellery Exchange, international online exhibition

                              Sydney College of the Arts, Undergraduate Degree Show


2013                      Alpha Gallery, I See What You Did There Group Show, Sydney Australia

                              Dead Space Gallery, Utility Group Show, Sydney University

                              Gaffa Gallery, Profiles Group Show, Sydney Australia


2012                      Gaffa Gallery, Shelf Space What are you worried about? Sydney, Australia

                              Kudos Gallery, Half a Desk Group Show, Sydney, Australia

                              Kudos Gallery, Kudos Award Group Show, Sydney, Australia


2010 - present

2010 - present

2015                      University Medal, Sydney University 

                              Honours Scholarship, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University

                              Graduate Metal XIV Finalist, JMGA, The Depot Gallery, Sydney Australia

2013                      Morris & Watson Award in Jewellery & Object, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University

2012                      Kudos Award Finalist, Kudos Gallery, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW