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Young Collectors, 2015
An exhibition of 10 Collections held by Australians in their twenties 


Co-curated by Judith Torzillo & Victoria Cleland. 

Inquiries into the current and future viability 

Contemporary Jewellery as a field. 

A group show including collections held by Sabrina Baker, Charlotte Richardson, Chris Ka Leung Li, Rebecca Jane New, Andy Lowrie, Victoria Cleland, Sarah Vandepeer, Jenny Du, Hannah Jago, Brigit Karstrom. 


For further details or to order a catalogue please email


images: Document Photography

Valuable Remains, 2015
An Exhibition Of Emerging Contemporary Jewellers from Sydney


Curated by Judith Torzillo. Re-contextualising emerging Contemporary Jewellery practice within the broader Contemporary Arts.


A group show including work by Jenny Du, Chris Ka Leung Li, Kimberley Peel and Judith Torzillo. Exhibited at Archive_ Space, a gallery profiling emerging contemporary arts practice in NSW.


Images: Jack Condon

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