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Knock On Wood, 2012
Wood, brass

Two rings to engage our need to fidget when worried. These light-hearted and playfull pieces use the common expression of 'knocking on wood' to explore the idea of worrying in a physical way. 

When exhibited, these rings were accompanied by a call for anonymous concerns. These worries will perhaps be incorporated in a future work. 

Empty Heirlooms, 2012
Nickle silver, silver, stainless steel 

A set of wearables that open up questions of heratage, missing memories and lost meaning. 

Sprout, 2012
Copper, brass, silver, stainless steel

Three brooches developed from investigating sprouting patturns in plants. Movable elements encourage touch and discovery. 

Pop-Up, 2012
Copper, silver, stainless steel

A brooch developed to inspire play and surprise. 

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