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Rhinoceros Tears, 2013
Copper, silver, enamel, charcoal, pearls


In 1515, the King of Portugal, Manuel I,

gifted a Rhinoceros to Pope Leo X.

Near the journey’s end, off the coast of Italy,

the ship encountered a storm.


The Rhinoceros sank with the ship. The bones of the animal were raised after the wreckage. 



Clarke, T. H. (1986) The Rhinoceros from Durer to Stubbs: 1515-1799. London: Sotheby’s Publications

Close, 2013
Copper, stainless steel, latex, glitter 

Five brooches depicting images of a close friend. 

This series investigates the intimacy of friendship within a context of post traumatic stress disorder. Gold glitter has been used as a metaphor for anxiety.  

Making Tracks, 2013
Brass, rubber, leather 


This trundling hand held devise marks tracks along whatever space the wearer would wish. This is a tongue-in-cheek necklace addressing humanity's need to draw lines accross our landscapes.  

Legs, 2013
Brass, mild steel, stainless steel 


This brooch suggests the spindly legs of bugs suspended on the body to admire. The dangling segments attract to a magnet attached undeneath clothing, activating a tension through the wires that animates the work. 

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